Tibetan Herbs Acne Support Combo

What is Tibetan Herbs Acne Support Combo?

tibetan-herbs-acne-support-combo.pngTibetan Herbs Acne Support Combo is a 100% natural oral herbal supplement that contains two different formulas to treat acne prone skin.   It is an alternative acne treatment method for those who believe that healing the body starts from the inside.  Acne Support Combo works by controlling the proliferation of impure blood, eliminating bacteria, reducing inflammation and expelling toxins.  The supplement consists of a morning and evening formula that are designed to treat different causes of acne.  Acne Support Combo is for all types of acne including facial and back acne.   (Or as I like to call it, “Bacne”).

I personally am extremely skeptical of oral acne supplements.  I remember trying a few as a teenager and they didn’t do a dang thing.  However, I am always opened minded to new products so let’s see what this product is all about and why it claims to work.

How does Tibetan Herbs Acne Support Combo Work?

Acne Support Combo is a blend of Gentian and Rosa Sericea along with twenty-one other authentic herbs, and natural ingredients. It is a combo of morning and evening acne pills that claim to saturate the body with twenty-one herbs and other natural ingredients that stop acne-causing factors from the inside.  These herbs work together to control the proliferation of impure blood which claims to eliminate bacteria, reduce inflammation, and remove toxins from the body, preventing further breakouts.

Tibetan Herbs Acne Support Combo contains main active ingredients such as bamboo, nutmeg, and indian bedellium tree. Bamboo helps to reduce inflammation, Indian bedellium tree works to prevent swelling, and nutmeg is said to reduce stress.  All are internal  factors that can trigger acne.

Tibetan Herbs Acne Support Combo Usage and Side Effects

Each bottle has two packets of Tibetan Herbs Acne Support Combo pills and has 30 servings per container. Results are usually seen within the first week and the benefits increase with each day of use but results can take up to two months for a chronic acne problem. Tibetan Herbs Acne Support Combo can also be taken safely two hours apart from medications with no complications and once you are balanced, you can stop using the supplement.  Because they are all natural, these supplements have no known side effects.

Tibetan Herbs Acne Support Combo Conclusion

Well, after a lot of research and review I am sorry to say that I just don’t buy it.  I really wanted to!  I am a total believer in natural supplements and take a lot of them myself but as someone who has suffered from adult acne, I know that the majority of acne is a result of hormones and the rest is usually a bacteria problem that can be solved by topical treatments.  I’m sure these pill are full of a lot of great herbs and ingredients that are really beneficial for your body but I just don’t thing they are going to cure your acne.  If you do want to give them a try the good news is they are pretty affordable at only $34.95 for a 30 day supply.  Wish I could recommend them but I just can’t!

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