ERNO LASZLO Acne Treatment System

Aside from scarring the face acne can scar your confidence. Nobody should have to be tormented by the skin disease. However most people do endure acne because they don’t know what acne treatments will actually work. After researching Erno Laszlo’s Acne Treatment we found some interesting results that may make you think twice about choosing your acne treatment.

How Does the ERNO LASZLO Acne Treatment System work?

category_acne_2011 copyDid you know that your pimples form by bacteria getting caught in your pores? So what you really need is an acne treatment that can kill bacteria. Erno Laszlo created his acne products for the purpose of not only killing the bacteria caught in your pores but to nurture your skin too. Erno Laszlo was a dermatologist who said he decided to use botanical healers to calm the irritation in the skin. Dr. Laszlo has a variety of products available to treat acne. Some are his Beta Wash, Total Blemish Treatment, Targeted Blemish Treatment, and the Beta Mask. Let’s take a closer look to see if his ingredients are really capable of killing the bacteria in your skin while nourishing it too.

ERNO LASZLO’s Acne Treatment System’s Ingredients?

The Total Blemish Treatment’s first ingredient is Salicylic acid. Salicylic acid comes from the bark of a Willow Tree. Salicylic acid used is for a variety of different reasons, it is an antiseptic in toothpaste, and a food preservative. So why is it used in an acne treatment? Because it may be able to fight bacteria infected skin. Salicylic acid cause skin cells to shed more often. This opens clogged pores and neutralizes within. It also constricts the pore diameter which makes it harder for bacteria to get inside. So the problem with the Total Blemish Treatment may not lie in the ingredients but in the price. The Total Blemish Treatment cost about $90 for 2 ounces. There is not a whole lot in 2 ounces. Can you imagine paying $90 for a pack of gum, well 2 ounces is only 5 more grams then a larger pack of gum. So the question is now if Salicylic acid is in toothpaste and that only costs a couple bucks, then why charge so much for it the Total Blemish Treatment? The Total Blemish Treatment has some questionable ingredients too. It contains Cyclomethicone which some say can cause skin irritation. The Beta Wash is another one of Erno Laszlo’s acne products. It only costs about $40 which is a lot better than the Total Blemish Treatment. However there is no Salicylic acid in it. In fact, the product’s first ingredient is water.

Is the ERNO LASZLO’s Acne Treatment System Worth it?

Well Erno Laszlo boasts about how effective his products are because of the ingredients but some of the effective ingredients are not located in the ingredient list till the end. For example, Erno Laszlo brags about his use of algae extract in the Beta Wash, but its the tenth ingredient. So when you are trying to decided whether it is worth it to buy Erno Laszlo’s Acne Treatment products keep in mind the order of ingredients, the ingredient’s use and history, and of course the price.

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